International Executive Board

National Bureaus Liaison Offices  International Centers and Offices








G. Vasilikiotis

  C. Zanbak Turkey
   M. Mesic Croatia

General Secretary:

  S. Aggelopoulos  Greece
Treasurer:        A. Pavludi Greece
Sp. Secretary:     I. Malollari Albania
Executive Director:     P. Mentzelou  Greece
Members:    C. Anagnostopoulos Greece
  N. Sdrula Romania

National Bureaus role is the construction of a scientific society that contributes to “Sustainable Development and better Life in Balkans” through teamwork and collaborations. They are based on Academic Institutions and form an environmental scientific network.  more..

Liaison Offices have the mission to help conserve, improve and sustain natural resources and the environment and are in a position to identify emerging environmental issues. more..

International Centers and Offices have the mission to perform studies and researches on defined environmental topics. more..