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COCONET GIS and Marxan summer training course 2013
                      Analytical General
2001 Projects BENA-TUBORG   2006 Serbia Projects BENA-CARLSBERG
2002 Projects BENA-TUBORG      
2003 Projects BENA-TUBORG-DELTA   2007-2008 Serbia Projects BENA-CARLSBERG
2004 Projects BENA-TUBORG-TOMINI      
2005 Projects BENA-TUBORG   2009 Serbia Projects BENA-CARLSBERG
2006 Projects BENA-TUBORG  

2009 Projects BENA-TITAN  
2010 Scholarships BENA-TITAN  
2011 Scholarships BENA-TITAN  


In Balkan region, B.EN.A. is collaborating with private companies as: TUBORG ROMANIA, TITAN S.A., COSMOTE ROMANIA, PIRAEUS BANK, TOMINI TRADING, DELTA-NESTLE, PROCTER & GAMBLE, CARLSBERG Bulgaria, CARLSBERG Serbia and CARLSBERG Croatia for funding research projects and scholarships for young scientists; since 2001 until today B.EN.A. supported 147 research projects and 263 scholarships.

The Calls were developed in the following environmental topics: pollution control in environmental media for hot point’s identification, new methods/techniques development in relation with international requirements; environmental impact/risk assessment for identification of areas, where pollution abatement, clean production or ecological reconstruction are required; environmental technologies (drinking water, waste water, wastes) training and consulting for EMS (ISO 14001) and QMS (EN 45001) development and implementation for certification/ accreditation etc.


B.EN.A. is running Training Centers on Environmental Professions specialists and unemployed people, in order to improve their professional status and to update their knowledge on modern environment management, in order to face the job market demands.

The Training Centers were funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hellenic Republic (Department of International Development and Co-operation-HELLENIC AID) in 2002 and were running for two years program, having the great impact and success in the region.

B.ENA. continues its efforts for the sustaining training activity on environmental professions with the support of private companies like: TITAN S.A., CARPATCEMENT Heidelberg Cement Group, BANCPOST Romania, TOMINI TRADING SRL, PROCTER & GAMBLE, BALKAN MINERAL and MINING.During 2002-2009 more than 1400 persons graduated the courses on environmental professions in Constanta, Bucharest, Plovdiv, Varna, Skopje and Belgrade. The Training Centers are functioning as follow:

Training Center on “Environmental management” specialization  in the National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa” Constanta, Romania.

Training Center on “Eco-agro-tourism and organic agriculture”, located in the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Training Center  on “Public Health Impact” specialization, in the Faculty of Medicine, Skopje, FYR of Macedonia.

Training Courses in “Sustainable Fishery” specialization running in the in National Institute of Fishery and Aquaculture (IFA) in Varna, Bulgaria.

Training Courses on “Sustainable Development in the frame of EU legislation Harmonization”, in the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Recently, B.EN.A. became member of the International  SKILLSnet of CEDEFOP – European Union Center for the Development of Vocational Education and Training.

Upgrade Black Sea SCENE EU Project Other Activities
Upgrade Black Sea Scene  -

The project was funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research infrastructures.

Upgrade Black Sea SCENE ( is a project three year project 2009-2011 funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) for research and development. It is a continuation of the Black Sea SCENE, dedicated to the development of a scientific network of leading environmental and socio-economic research institutes, universities and NGOs from the countries around the Black Sea, contributing to a growing data and information infrastructure. The project consists of a large consortium of Black Sea institutes and European experts comprising 51 partner organizations.

The project aims to improve and harmonize the marine data management practices in the region, and expand the coverage of the data infrastructure. Furthermore, it will enhance the exchange of scientific knowledge, and regional cooperation of institutes for environmental problems and better protection, rehabilitation and sustainable development of the Black Sea ecosystem.

The existing Black Sea Scientific Network mobilized a large number of leading environmental and socio-economic research institutes and universities from the countries around the Black Sea. This will result in a research infrastructure with an improved regional coverage and broader inclusion of marine disciplines, bringing together and supporting 51 partners from Bulgaria (7), Georgia (6), Romania (3), Russian Federation (8), Turkey (7), Ukraine (10) together with 7 partners from EU member states, one associated state and two international associations/bodies.

EU Project
EU Project TR0703.01-03/35 – BENA and Urban and Public Health Association, Adnan Menderez University of Aydin, Turkey.
Other Activities
  USA – BENA NETWORK having the objective of establishing, promoting and supporting CLEAN WATER AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE.

   Training and Innovated Skill on Environmental Professions

University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

    The Centre for Marine Research (CIMA)


     Faro, Portugal


B.EN.A.’s next step is to activate the Balkan Local Authority Environmental Network (BLAEN), which will be based on regional cooperation and substantial support for a clean and healthy community environment. BLAENs members are the Municipalities from Albania, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.


Environmental education have been once more recognized as a very powerful tool for the appropriate ecological knowledge’s of the coming generations and not only, is the key factor for the tomorrow, active citizens.

B.EN.A. put all efforts to introduce the environmental principles and concept to the young people and especially to pupils.

The “feedback” from these actions was very impressive and promising for better environment for the future. In fact the “kids are only sure quality for the future of this planet”.

COCONET GIS and Marxan summer training course 2013

September 9-15 2013

 Constanta, Romania.
Deadline for applicants is May 30th 2013

Announcement & invitation for application