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Welcome to Balkan Environmental Association
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B.EN.A.  established on 1998 in Thessaloniki, Greece, from Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece (A.T.E.I.-Th) academic staff and from professors, researchers, experts and scientists of Balkan and EU countries.

B.EN.A. is an International nonprofit and nongovernmental scientific organization with the scope of preserving environment and cultures of Balkan countries.

   B.EN.A. serves as a Balkan environmental thinking tank that goes beyond research to find scientific ways to protect Balkan region and to improve people’s lives.

  B.EN.A. organized and co-organized more than 70 scientific events on different environmental topics in Greece, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and FYROM.


B.EN.A. ‘s members study and analyze, interactions among environmental factors, economic and communities’ trend and promote strategies and institutional change that may improve environmental, natural-resources decision making through objective and independent scientific research, studies and professional training and practice in the following areas:

research and education for sustainable development, pollution: air, water, soil, agricultural, industrial, risk assessment, ecology, solid waste management, environmental protection, management and sustainable development, environmental legislation, clean technologies, environmental education, environmental informatics and information systems.


… it’s a great way to have a real impact on environment and to meet and work with our scientific teams. In this way you will contribute to our research, studies and policies about environmental protection and sustainable development.

Statute of the Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A.) and of the Balkan Environmental Network (BA.NET.). more...